Building a healthy lunchbox

Attend this workshop and learn the options to build a healthy lunch box with better nutrition and less cost. Beat the fast food habit and enjoy fewer calories, fat and sodium while improving your health and energy levels. The facts show that you can save over $1,000 a year by packing your own food for the day instead of purchasing restaurant and fast food meals.

portion distortion

What did portion sizes look like 20 years ago? Can you guess how many calories are in common foods today compared to 20 years ago? Attend this presentation to find out how much our portion sizes have grown over the years and what that means for burning off those extra calories!

supermarket survival

Think stepping into a supermarket is like stepping into a minefield? Attend this workshop to learn how to navigate though the supermarket to pick healthy and nutritious foods for you and your family.


Building Your Own Physical Activity Program

Attend this workshop and design an individual approach for cardiovascular training, strength training and flexibility/stretching exercises. Learn how to calculate your target heart rate training zone, along with receiving the principles of strength training developed by Nautilus Fitness Equipment. Receive handouts and support information relating to these topics.

Spring, jump, Leap! Just Move!

Staying active at any age keep muscles, joints and heart healthy. Learn the health benefits and some recommended activities of staying active at any age. Learn conditioning techniques for specific activities.

Fitness Motivation

Having trouble staying motivated with your fitness routine? Attend this workshop to learn the different types of motivation. Discover why a commitment contract might be the key to sticking to your routine and how friends and family can be great reinforcements.


Create the Vision

What are your personal goals? Take a moment to focus on the big picture. Discover the significance behind having a vision as well as three life principles that lead to success.

Managing change & Stress

Attend this session and obtain skills to help better manage and maneuver through the dynamics of change and stress. Learn a technique that you can use to reduce your stress responses related to change. Experience a simple breath exercise which will reduce your blood pressure and help you feel like you just took a 20 minute nap. Engage in change and empower your personal and professional life with greater strength, energy & vitality!

The ultimate balancing Act

Do you ever feel like you're juggling your life with work, home, family and other commitments? Living like this can contribute to high levels of stress. Attend this workshop to learn how to manage your work/life balance. Learn tips to address exercise, nutrition, self-care and stress management to get your life in balance.


Beating Burnout & Doldrums

Have you experienced the signs and symptoms of burnout at some time in your life? Learn strategies for avoiding the everyday risk of falling into the doldrums. Making diverse choices in lifestyle, health, recreation, social activities, work and family can keep us stimulated and motivated in life.

Pain in the Neck (Back, Hip & Shoulders): Ergonomics to the Rescue

Ergonomics is the process of designing and arranging everyday things that people use, so that people can interact with them most effectively and safely. Sitting correctly at your desk, posture, exercises for low back, knee and neck pain and treatment options will be discussed.

When I awake I will feel great: Sleeping Better

Attend this workshop to learn approaches to enhance sleep and rejuvenation. Sleep preparation, environment, sleeping surfaces, exercise, mental engagement along with approaches to enhance relaxing the mind are all offered.