Beating Burnout & Doldrums

Have you experienced the signs and symptoms of burnout at some time in your life? Learn strategies for avoiding the everyday risk of falling into the doldrums. Making diverse choices in lifestyle, health, recreation, social activities, work and family can keep us stimulated and motivated in life.

Pain in the Neck (Back, Hip & Shoulders): Ergonomics to the Rescue

Ergonomics is the process of designing and arranging everyday things that people use, so that people can interact with them most effectively and safely. Sitting correctly at your desk, posture, exercises for low back, knee and neck pain and treatment options will be discussed.

When I awake I will feel great: Sleeping Better

Attend this workshop to learn approaches to enhance sleep and rejuvenation. Sleep preparation, environment, sleeping surfaces, exercise, mental engagement along with approaches to enhance relaxing the mind are all offered.