Create the Vision

What are your personal goals? Take a moment to focus on the big picture. Discover the significance behind having a vision as well as three life principles that lead to success.

Managing change & Stress

Attend this session and obtain skills to help better manage and maneuver through the dynamics of change and stress. Learn a technique that you can use to reduce your stress responses related to change. Experience a simple breath exercise which will reduce your blood pressure and help you feel like you just took a 20 minute nap. Engage in change and empower your personal and professional life with greater strength, energy & vitality!

The ultimate balancing Act

Do you ever feel like you're juggling your life with work, home, family and other commitments? Living like this can contribute to high levels of stress. Attend this workshop to learn how to manage your work/life balance. Learn tips to address exercise, nutrition, self-care and stress management to get your life in balance.