Enhancing Health and Employment Experiences


Our Mission

Wellness Council of Arizona (WELCOAZ) strives to be the recognized leader and resource for worksite health promotion in Arizona. WELCOAZ collaborates with healthcare providers, community leaders, businesses and institutions to improve the health of employees and their families.

The Wellness Council received its original charter from the Department of Health and Human Services and the Health Insurance Association of America in 1985. We believed that advancing health insights, lifestyles and supportive cultures are invaluable tools in the work place.

The Wellness Council of Arizona evolved from the Wellness Council of Tucson in 2002.


  • Onsite Health Coaching

  • Telephonic Health Coaching

  • Wellness Workshops

  • Fitness Assessments

  • Group Fitness Classes

  • Biometric Screenings Coordination

  • Flu Shot Coordination

  • Annual Health Expo Coordination



  • Lifestyle Challenges & Contests

  • Physical Activity Programs

  • Nutritional Programs

  • Stress Reduction Programs

  • Lifestyle Disease Management Programs

  • Behavior Change Initiatives

  • Sports and Athletic Training

  • Health E-Newsletters

Verified by Welcoaz

  • Incentive Program & Participation Verification

  • Universal Data Archiving, Tracking, Reporting & Evaluation

  • Annual Physician Exam Verification, Age Appropriate Screening Verification, & Disease Management Completion Verification

  • Web Portal